Fax to Email


Virtual Phone Number -> Fax Gateway -> Email

A fax is sent via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to the fax server, which receives the fax and converts it into PDF or TIFF format, according to the instructions of the user.

The processed file is then transmitted to the Web server, which sends it as an email containing the fax as an attached file, and sometimes sends a message reporting delivery to a mobile phone (optional).


Fax2email is a service that routes faxes sent to your allocated fax number to your e-mail address.

  • 24x7x365 Hosting with Technical Support.
  • No fax machine - no maintenance, no paper, toner expenditure, possible repairs.
  • Mobility - All actions are done on the Web interface.
  • Available for sending fax with software license purchase.

Charges Advantages Use Case

Costs Per Hosted Sim Card:

  • Setup Fee: RM100
  • Monthly Hosted Fee (per virtual phone number per month):
  • RM30 (Malaysia) / SGD50 (Singapore) / Others (please check)
  • Incoming Fax: Free
  • Outgoing Fax: call rate / minute

Advantages :

  • Cost effective & eco-friendly solution.
  • No hardware, software or line rental costs.
  • Secure Fax Enabled.
  • Receive fax in PDF & TIFF Format.
  • Receive national and inernational faxes.
  • No need for a telephone line for fax use.

Where this can be used? :

  • Someone sends a fax to your virtual phone number from a fax machine.
  • The hard copy fax is routed to a fax server.
  • The fax server gateway receives the fax and converts it to a TIFF or PDF.
  • The server looks up the email address that linked to.
  • The digital fax is sent to your dedicated email.
  • You receive the digital fax in your email inbox as an attachment.