Bulks SMS



Bulk SMS also known as SMS Marketing enables you to communicate instantly to groups of people via bulk text messaging. It’s the promising solutions for SMS alerting, advertisement, and etc.

Bulk SMS service is sending using either via Shortcode sending or via Longcode sending. We are offering both solutions with quality routes for your selection.

  • Bulk SMS is limited to send SMS within Malaysia, at a lower rate
  • 1 price accross all networks in Malaysia at RM0.10 / SMS

Integration with API

HTTP API is provided without additional charges and you can easily integrate it to your web application.

  • With API, you can send the sms without going through any SMS web interface
  • API enables you to utilise our SMS gateway directly from your application without revealing the presence of any web interface.
  • This not only simplify usability, it adds as value service to have SMS alert supporting your application.

Usage of Bulks SMS Key Features Why SMPLUS

Usage of Bulk SMS:

  • New Products Launching
  • Announcement / News broadcasting
  • Promotions vouchers / coupons
  • SMS Reminders

SMS Web System Key Features:

  • Support for Unicode (eg. Chinese/Japanese Character)
  • Online History Report
  • Online Credit Usage Report

But why SMPLUS? Not others?

  • Humble start in SMS Industry since 2004. Soho, SME to Corporates with dedicated CS team with heart.
  • We have dream and passion! We look forward positive growth with Partners/Reseller.
  • We stay competitively.. as always. We Constantly update user request features, system, servers even prices.
  • SMS is useful.. isn’t it? Fast & Easy! We wish more business benefits from it.