A SIM is hosted at our secure data center, further it is connected to a SIM Server having Multiple Internet ISP connectivity.

All Incoming SMS received by the SIM are posted to any URL of client's choice by our Server.

You can receive incoming SMS with variables containing information about sender's mobile number, message text etc through GET or POST method. Client can process the same at his URL and optionally send reply-back to sender of the SMS using our bulk SMS API.


People sending SMS to your SIM Mobile Number will not be charged. NO premium is charged on Shortcode SMS.

  • 24x7x365 Hosting with Technical Support.
  • 2-ways SMS send (charge per message) and receive SMS to your own numbers.
  • Customise actions for each received sms. Eg. trigger alert to 3rd party system via HTTP GET/POST.
  • Minimum setup and maintenance cost for multiple SIM cards.

Charges Features Advantages How Can It Helps Uses

Costs Per Hosted Sim Card:

  • Setup Fee: RM300
  • Monthly Hosted Fee: RM150
  • Incoming SMS: Free
  • Outgoing SMS: RM0.10 / sms

Features :

  • Create unlimited keywords & Sub Keywords. No per keyword charges
  • Unlimited Incoming SMS
  • Receive SMS globally, whereas short code numbers are limited to country (Malaysisa)
  • Regular SMS charges for sender instead of premium SMS charges as on Short Code.
  • Works for all local operators and MVNOs
  • Choose Any Number from Mobile Operator of your choice.
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting
  • 2-ways SMS (Incoming and outgoing SMS).
  • 99.5% uptime Guaranteed.
  • Schedule your SMS messages in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Instant response and real time reporting

Advantages :

  • SMS Sender (User) is charged as per normal SMS charges
  • Can be accessed from Inetrnational Locations
  • In case of dedicated number, no need to start message with keyword
  • In case of dedicated number, you can choose your own number.

How Can It Really Helps Us :

  • Receive feedback on SMS marketing or promotion campaign.
  • Perform personalized SMS broadcasting.
  • Deliver time-critical enterprise information to mobile employees.
  • Integrate with your existing system to give SMS features, SMS alert, CRM or ERP.
  • Make your mobile phone as remote control of your PC.
  • Use as SMS Reminder / SMS Alert System.
  • Use as Customer Helpdesk System.
  • Keep alerted when there is an important email received.

Where this can be used? :

  • Receive TAC/PIN from multiple hosted mobile numbers.
  • Where SMS number is printed on the advertisement
  • Where communication is done internally with in companies employee for information sharing.
  • Day Report submission to head office by employee.
  • Updated price list of company products.
  • Checking stock status.
  • Declare Examination Results via SMS.
  • Integration with any Web/Desktop/ERP/SAP Applications.